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HOW TO: The Business Mindset


“Growth only happens on the outside when growth happens on the inside”.ownng and running a business takes you on a steep learning curve  and  consistency and discipline is what leads to real success. Business growth requires that you grow as an individual.  This is how ActionCOACH helps you grow as a business owner. Let’s unpack:


At ActionCOACH, we have a saying that goes, “You are welcomed when you arrive, challenged while you are here and changed when you leave.”

As a client – you are welcomed when you make the decision to work with a great coach. An incredible catalyst for new clients is their initial motivation and excitement as this is what gives them momentum to push through those beginning stages. You are joining a community of like -minded business owners who are  dedicated to your success and helping you realise your goals. That said, your success will be based on your own will. Your motivation and excitement are what will get you started but you will need much more to get you going.


It is no secret that running your own business is requires hard work work, dedicaton and an immense amount of personal growth is required to see recognisable results. Your journey as a client will result in a fundamental shift in your mindset. Our formula for success is defined as  “Be” x “Do” = “Have”.

  • “Be”

The “Be” component signifies the internal changes one will experience when embarking on a business growth journey. A complete identity shift is needed for growth to emerge. The old ways need to be released to make space for the new.

  • “Do”

The “Do” component represents the actual tasks and activities that need to be consistently applied in order to achieve your desired goals. These are the daily/weekly/monthly  actions that need to be completed that will contribute to the results required. Whatever it may be, those tasks need to be done consistently. Without consistency and discipline, growth cannot begin to happen.

  • “Have”

Once you have the combined efforts of your identity shift as well as your actioned tasks, you arrive at the “Have” component. Here, we see the results of the continuous labour you have sewn into your business to make it operate optimally. As mentioned before, you cannot achieve the results you want for a successful business if it is not supported by consistent work.


This is  the third component of the ActionCOACH personal growth journey but it is by no means a component that should be viewed in isolation. From the moment you decided to join the team as a client looking to grow their business, you are asked to leave any prior hindrances behind and make room for new growth opportunities in order to take your business to the next level. This is not a once-off occurrence, but rather a continuous recurring state that will aid your growth.

It begins with recognising that you need a mindset change. Then you need a firm understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve and for what purpose. Your assigned coach will work with you to reach your potential and possibly even more. Every client that has been coached by our team of Business Coaches and has committed to put in the effort, has experienced the power of the lasting changes required to be successful in business.


Growth does not come without challenges. The marker for success is how you respond to challenges. By joining ActionCOACH, be it as a client or as a franchise partner, you will grow through challenge and change.


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