Pieter Scholtz

Promises of Adventure in Business Ownership

“Your unique gift is something that only you can provide”. Everything that is done as a business owner is done with the intention of finding and providing a service only you can provide. Three key facts are essential to remember whilst you are on this journey as a business owner.

1. Uniqueness

You have a particular gift that can be used to provide a unique service to certain clients. We all have a distinct set of skills that can be used to solve a specific set of problems. For instance, in the executive coaching industry, a business coaches unique coaching style will enable them to guide you in the direction of proven success.

2. Satisfaction

Joy and satisfaction occur when your gift, as a business owner, collides with a client’s need. Satisfaction is the space in which your service offering becomes a unique solution to a problem that your client previously thought was unfixable. At ActionCOACH, we have built a team of distinctive business coaches that are uniquely equipped to assist your business reach its potential. Your ActionCOACH will provide guidance on how to run your business better and mentor you into becoming the best sales director, marketing manager and training coordinator for your business.

3. Purpose

Your true purpose and happiness will not be fully unlocked until your gift and the market’s need are met. That is why understanding your skills and what you have to offer is so immensely important. Your true purpose cannot be realised without continuously working to hone your skills and build on your giftings The difficulty is finding these clients in the interim. Once you find your destined clientele,  you will find that no one could have offered them the specific wealth of knowledge you provide. The faster you realise that the quicker you will begin to align yourself towards achieving your full potential.


Success is a road trodden by few because the road ahead is not an easy one. Running a successful business takes skill, courage, persistence and diligence. Business ownership offers you the promise of the best adventure of your life and an immense amount of personal growth that will leave you better off than when you started.


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