Pieter Scholtz

ActionCOACH: Our Purpose

Understanding your organisation’s purpose is, without a doubt, an integral part of its success. Determining what your organisation is designed to do guides every decision, from the investments you make to the people you network with. At ActionCOACH, our Vision is simple: 

“World Abundance through Business Re-education”.

We have structured all our strategies and processes towards achieving this Vision.

As an organisation, we believe that every business, across all markets around the world, has the potential to be the solution to many global issues. We dedicate our time and effort towards helping businesses grow and succeed. Many businesses lack clarity when it comes to their purpose. The absence of this purpose hinders the exponential growth and success of the business, both now and in the future.

 ActionCOACH – is a global Business Growth Company that builds great businesses, people and communities, by focusing on:

  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Results
  • Education

We are a membership-led organisation that combines the best of coaching and membership by primarily offering four levels of education and coaching. In doing so, we educate thousands of businesses on what it takes to be abundantly successful.

We have realised that businesses yield incredible power to radically transform economies by creating employment opportunities in every market. Currently, the global business coaching industry is valued at over $15 billion in revenue. Thus, the demand for business coaching is consistently increasing and this speaks to the responsibility that we have to build great people and businesses in order for them to thrive in their local markets. 

In Conclusion

The world needs businesses that succeed and ActionCOACH knows how to build great businesses, people and communities. If you are inspired by this vision to pursue world abundance through business re-education, join our community today by clicking on www.pieter-scholtz.com.


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