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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of people

Business man in butterfly pupa going through a metamorphosis to become a leader
Leadership Readiness: The Cocoon Metaphor
Leadership is a complex and evolving concept, with countless books, seminars, and courses dedicated to ...
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Developing the Resilience “Muscle”
Much is written about South African’s high level of resilience, our never-say-die attitude or as ...
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Leading your business in challenging times
As we experience interruptions and curved balls in our businesses, it struck me that where ...
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Focus drifted from your core competitive advantage?
Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a number of meetings and discussions ...
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4 Key Points to drive Client Retention
Recently a colleague and I were discussing client retention, during which he lamented the fact ...
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The Power of Planning
The new year is now in full swing and over the last couple of weeks ...
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ActionCOACH: Our Purpose
Understanding your organisation’s purpose is, without a doubt, an integral part of its success. Determining ...
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Strategy Formulation: Good versus Great
As leaders, there comes a time when you reach a comfortable state of “being good” ...
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Purpose, Passion, Vision: How do we Carve Strategies for Businesses?
In his book titled Courageous Leadership, Bill Hybel explains vision and passion as this: “Vision is ...
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Promises of Adventure in Business Ownership
“Your unique gift is something that only you can provide”. Everything that is done as ...
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Women in Business: Preparing the Next Generation – A Fathers Perspective
Preparing the Next Generation – A Fathers Perspective The month of August sees us celebrating ...
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HOW TO: The Business Mindset
Introduction “Growth only happens on the outside when growth happens on the inside”.ownng and running ...
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